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From idea to design, through to build. We do the whole stack... and more.

Starting with an idea

Everything starts with an idea. Let's first look at the goal you would like to achieve. A digital asset like a website, app or product will fall into one of the following categories: lead generation, educational, game, promotional or a service.

Once we understand the why, we'll look at the how. We'll develop a strategy to measure our goal's success.

  • Discovery
  • Sketch
  • Prototype

Design with purpose

Once we have some clearly defined goals and ways to measure our work, we'll develop some user stories. A user story helps to clarify what our product is required to do to meet our business and user needs. For example "As a potential customer I want to place an order". User stories are a powerful way to define design.

  • Mockups
  • Stories
  • User Testing

Crafting an experience with code

We have our user stories, our sketches and user flows – let's craft an interactive engaging experience for our users.

At MetaSet we take a "mobile first" approach, in practical terms this means we consider the mobile experience a first class citizen. With over half of all web users now viewing websites on their smaller screens this is a big opportunity that you can't ignore.

  • Code
  • Deployment
  • Maintainance

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