MetaSet is a small web design and development studio based in Newcastle, Australia. The studio lead is Michael Troy.

Every MetaSet project is crafted with a strong focus on user experience and clear communication. We work with industry leading tools and services like Basecamp to keep everyone on the same page, Slack for real-time collaboration and GitHub for code management. You'll love working with us.

About Michael

Michael failed at almost all subjects at school except for Graphic Design and Computer Studies. This comes as no surprise really, considering he spent countless hours sitting behind a Commodore 64 waiting for games on tape to load, and at a similar time in his life had an obsession with graffitiing school bags and text books.

Many years later and looking back it’s easy to see all the signs were there. Michael has spent much of his career moving back and forth between designing things and building those things.

Though after many years of making design decisions, punching out one hundred million lines of code and collaborating with countless clients, stakeholders and peers…

He is looking forward to working with you.