Today we’re happy to announce a new service here at MetaSet. It’s a service that we’ve codenamed Your Personal Web Developer*. The service aims to be just that—your personal web developer.

A no-nonsense service you can count on for when you need some website copy updated or maybe to setup a monthly email newsletter or even to add a new page to your website.

* Yep it’s a retainer, but we really didn’t want to call it that. Mostly because the word retainer sounds a bit dry. It feels like something out of Mad Men, and as much we love the show, we don’t light up a cigarette every time we read an email and we don’t drink half a dozen martinis before lunch. So we’ll see how Your Personal Web Developer works for now.

You can use this service for any work that doesn’t fit into a single project

Lately we’ve been hearing the same thing from both our designer friends and also our business clients, and it goes something like this... “OK, so we’ve launched our website, but now what—we’ve got all these small updates that need to be made and what if we need to change that colour or add a new page? We have to get a new quote and blah blah and on it goes.”

Or the same story with a slight twist... you’ve launched your website and that was an important milestone but now you need to update the website copy and the developer that built the site has all but disappeared. So now you need to find a reliable developer, get a new costing which can often be unpredictable and then get in line behind the other clients that developer has. And then chances are you’ll probably have to go through that same whole experience months later. Painful.

We make things simple

Instead you send us a short email with the updates and an outline of what needs updating. We make the update. We also record the tasks and time spent and at the end of the month send you a timesheet. Simple and no-nonsense.

Here are some of the ways you might use the service:

Yep ok, how does it work?

For $900 a month you get 10 hours of our time each and every month to get stuff done.

Because we think it’s a good idea to test the waters before you dive in, we are starting off all new clients of this service with a simple 1 month commitment only. That means that if after the first month you’re not happy or you’re not seeing value then you have no obligation to continue.

If you’re happy and want to continue our relationship then all we require is a minimum 3 month commitment and payment to be made at the start of each month.

Next steps

If this sounds like something you could get real value from and want to find out more then these are the next steps:

The small print